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Hello Everyone,

Planet Greenfest is doing something special. We are updating our website. Planet Greenfest is a different kind of festival. Our mission is to use The Power of Green to Fix the World by producing THE WORLD’S ONLY GREEN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL.

This will be a global event and its sole mission is to support and cultivate an eco-friendly new way of filmmaking and getting to the core of being green and thinking green by bringing knowledgeable and creative filmmakers together so we can gain strength and change the world.

We are taking another giant step forward for public health and the environment. We will work very hard to make this a Global effort with New Aim, New Dreams, New Achievements. Everything to Better Our Planet.

“When your country cherishes life you will do what it takes to make it a better place to live. You have the power to help finish the fight against cancer and pollution.”

We at Planet Greenfest are ready to pump plenty of resources into this fight. This isn’t a hard decision to make: Either we believe in cutting back on pollution to keep our air clean, or we side with big polluters who are pretty used to getting their way. Take a stand alongside myself, Antonio Saillant and Planet Greenfest and Join our Campaign today. [Let’s have clean air] — :)

Make a donation that will last a lifetime. Planet Greenfest depends on the generosity of people like you. You have the power to help finish the fight against cancer and pollution. Spread the word!

Help Planet Greenfest Embrace Our Planet

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