donations warmly welcomed - The Earth Week $1 Campaign for the Planet!

The $1 Campaign for the Planet
The $1 Campaign for the Planet

The $1 Campaign for the Planet

Hello Green Thumbs,

Your $1 donation to Planet Greenfest for the Planet creates a powerful ripple effect across both the business and the natural world. It is truly an investment with the promise of a powerful return.

You will help us bring people together to the festival, to see compelling films from around the world made from the concept of, "The Power of Green," to fight pollution and save the environment, OUR WORLD, through The Art of Filmmaking. With you on our side, we’re going to keep doing the work you depend on, 'Our fight' is your fight, and there’s too much at stake...

Let's come together and give to organizations that are creating lasting impact in our world. You have the power to do something extraordinary this year. You have the power to help finish the fight against cancer and pollution. PLANET GREENFEST Mission is to use THE POWER OF GREEN to FIX THE WORLD by producing THE WORLD’S ONLY GREEN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, which mission is to support and cultivate an eco-friendly new way of filmmaking and getting to the core of being green and thinking green by bringing knowledgeable and creative filmmakers together so we can gain strength and change the world. “Being green is not an option, it's a requirement in order to reduce the cause of cancer."

PLEASE HELP Spread this message around to your families and friends and around the world and let's help support green. Take a stand against toxic chemicals and pollution and help stop cancer before it starts.

If you have a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc), then donating is easy.

Click on the DONATE BUTTON above to get started. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

Help us spread the word!


Talk about us! Share us with your friends. Facebook, Twitter, emails. Let's do this together. In four years we want you to join us to look back and say, "As a founding contributor, I helped make the Planet Greenfest into what it is today!" LET’S GO BIG – and get your friends to help too! Thank YOU!

Thank you for all you do.

Support Planet Greenfest, let’s spread sustainable awareness through the art of filmmaking

















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