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We would not be here without our sponsors, and you, our loyal audiences. Thank you so much! To learn more about the Festival, sponsorship benefits and to participate in the 2017 PLANET GREENFEST, please contact our Executive Director, Antonio Saillant at

PLANET GREENFESTPlanet Greenfest® invites you to become a sponsor for our First Annual World's Only Green Short Film Festival. With your help, this exciting event will take place in the early summer of 2017 in New York City.

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Be a part of Planet Greenfest's mission to discover and foster independent artists. Your contribution advances the work of artists in film, theatre, and music through supporting our artists programs and allows for us to continue providing a platform for artists to share their stories with the world. Please, make a difference today and join our family of supporters. Thank you for ensuring that original storytelling will always have a voice.



If you're interested in becoming a Planet Greenfest Sponsor, Partner or Exhibitor, please call or email us below.
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Supporters like you gave us the momentum we needed. Future generations will thank you for helping us to get a strong start on fighting pollution, climate change and cancer. Today you’re giving the gift of clearer air and cleaner water in hopes to destroy cancer.  Together we’ve done all of this--we’ve taken the long view, with the future in mind. The work is hard, the battle often uphill. But we know that our responsible approach is one that pays off today and every day.

We’re going to win. We want you with us when we do.

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