Green is going big screen! Will it work?

by Amber S. Brown

Amber S. Brown
Amber S. Brown

Since inception, the green movement has been a game of follow the leader. The evolution of sustainability grew from business to personal, and now, it can be seen live on the big screen of the entertainment field.

Coming soon to a YouTube channel near you, the Dream Destinations productions film Rock It Green will explore heavy hitters of entertainment and their role in making the business sustainable. From art to filmmaking, the program will interview the great in hopes of sharing a new side to entertainment, the green side.

The company owned by Antonio Saillant is no stranger to sustainable film making boasting 15 years in energy management. The actor/director himself recently joined the Green Festival Advisory Board. The board sponsors Rock It Green in the festival's coming 14th anniversary, making the Green Festival the oldest and largest green living event.