Planet Greenfest holds myriad awareness events to shine a spotlight on endangered species and raise awareness of local and international conservation efforts. Events to date have included public lectures at Universities and major platforms during film screenings and green festivals worldwide. In addition, Planet Greenfest's  owner Antonio Saillant launched Rock It Green Radio  and hosts key conservationists to discuss environmental issues; notable guest have included Amy Greeson-Healing Seeker and Carter Ries and sister Olivia Ries from One More Generation, Saving Cheetahs and Rhinos in South Africa  and The Artistry of Nature, Alex Beard, Painter and Wildlife Conservancy Founder of the Watering Hole Foundation.


Sustainability and Climate Change Within the Entertainment Business

We are preparing the next generation of green filmmakers to be environmentally responsible, so that all communities will be safe, healthy and the earth’s bounty will be preserved for future generations.

Green Festival Expo
Green Festival Expo