An easy guide to having a safe green production future.



As an engineer, film and television producer and as a human being, "I believe in protecting the environment. I believe in conservation and preservation not just in America but the world. We all have a responsibility to make this world a safer and cleaner place.

Who Am I?

I am proactive in conserving energy in the television and movie industries, pushing ideas forward and producing environmentally sound results. “The green initiative allows us to set a precedent to continue to produce high quality productions with exacting standards, while minimizing our impact on the environment.”

What I Have Done:

In furthering my passion for greening the entertainment industry, I formed Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group, a production company that gives inspired filmmakers the chance to make their dreams into realities. Angel Light Pictures, is committed to demonstrating that the movie and television industry can be environmentally responsible, providing filmmakers with the tactics and strategies for greener productions. Prior to Angel Light, I was an energy consultant for ConEdison, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the U.S., and various pharmacological companies for many years. I have combined my knowledge of the energy business with the entertainment industry in hopes of contributing to a more sustainable future.

My Objective…and Focus:

As a filmmaker, I feel it is my responsibility to continue the commitment to reduce the impact on climate change and the environment, and be on the forefront of sustainable business practices."

Old Hollywood

We had heroes like "The Duke", The Lone Ranger, Superman they gave us something to aspire to, be greater, be better, contribute for the betterment of the nation, help others etc. All these heroes Hollywood created and we admired and were inspired by. Where are our heroes today? Our character mentors? We as a nation a culture look-up to movie and TV stars...We want to be Van we can be drug running rebels and race cars, Snooky so we can party hang-out and be stupid, we can be mobsters...Desperate Housewives, Married to the Mob TV "reality" stars ect..all this stupid stuff that makes us even more stupid b/c were obsessed with it. Bring back the Old Hollywood, But instead of remaking classics that usually ruins the original.... why not make the classics of tomorrow. The next Star Wars, the next JAWS, the next King Kong, the next Star Trek etc. We really need something fresh and different and something that's NOT mindless. While we think about these changes lets add "Being Green." We know that we can make great films and be green. Not films about the green movement, but films that are entertaining, well directed, shot beautifully, and with a fantastic story at the heart of it all. The film industry has traditionally been wasteful in how it uses all its resources. With the help of future generations of filmmakers like yourselves I am hoping you all want to change that, by making films that are as ecologically conscious as possible without compromising on the quality of the films we make.

Eco-Friendly Film Production Guide

As quoted by the World Wide Fund International for Nature, "If the global effort to ensure a safe climate future for people and nature was a tooth, the world would be terrible pain." That is because of the huge hole in our ozone layer and if something is not resolved it will be at risk of growing bigger.

Guide to a Eco-Friendly Film Production

I am delighted to give this guide about the Entertainment Industry’s actions on the environment - and in particular on climate change. I have set out an important mission and that mission is to be ‘the greenest country ever’. That might sound either grandiloquent, or setting the bar pretty low, depending on your point of view. It is an honor and a pleasure to aim toward sustainable growth.


Please enjoy this beautiful video showing many images on how amazing and important it is to help our Mother Earth HEALTHY, SAFE AND BEAUTIFUL. This was written by Antonio Saillant and video by Angel Light Pictures.

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