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We listen to experts for a reason. When my car breaks down, I go to a mechanic. When I am not feeling well, I go to the doctor. Experts have training and knowledge that we don't. So when 97 percent of climate scientists tell us that climate change is real and man-made, we should pay attention.

Filmmaker, Antonio Saillant at Kevin Spacey's First Shot Film Premiere at New York's Highline Stages in the Meatpacking District.
Filmmaker, Antonio Saillant at Kevin Spacey's First Shot Film Premiere at New York's Highline Stages in the Meatpacking District.

We have many celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and many others traveling around the country defending our planet. But we still have an embarrassingly large number of people who won't listen, despite overwhelming scientific consensus.

Sony Pictures was recently awarded for the Guinness Book Worlds Record but they do not get the award for being sustainable. I guess achieving this award was more important than achieving Saving the Planet from Pollution.

Take a look for yourself and you be the judge.

Makes our job harder. Don't you think?

Just this week, 52 senators voted to eliminate the Clean Power Plan -- what's been called the biggest action America's ever taken to cut our carbon pollution and tackle climate change. An extreme and vocal minority in Congress is trying to convince other countries that America won't live up to our international climate commitments -- right before countries around the world come together to cut carbon pollution, and stop the worsening economic and health impacts that come with it.

I created Planet Greenfest in hope to inspire people across the globe to live life though being sustainable. Our passion is to make a difference in our world.

PLANET GREENFEST mission to help and build our artists make the greatest impact to our environment and enrich lives through the arts, film, theatre, music, locally and globally, through supporting our festivals, events, mentoring, and educational programs.

We believe that most people want to do the right thing when it comes to helping each other, our environment and providing sustainable solutions.

Climate change deniers are doing more than embarrassing themselves -- they're threatening to undermine America's ability to show the world we're serious about this threat.

It's up to us to make sure they don't succeed. Progress on climate change isn't guaranteed -- it happens when all of us speak out to say we're ready for big steps forward. Say you're in:

TAKE ACTION TODAY, Join in supporting us because every $ we raise helps Mother Earth live.


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Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Green
Planet Greenfest
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